Karida Brown is a Ph.D. canditate in the Sociology Department at Brown University. Her dissertation research focuses on the culture and history of the African Americans who migrated in and out of the coalfields of eastern Kentucky throughout the 20th Century. She has collected over 200 interviews with African Americans from eastern Kentucky and plans to use these historical accounts to document on the phenomenal journey that your generation has taken from the mountains of Kentucky to cities across the United States.


This summer, Karida will be traveling to various cities across the United States conducting oral history interviews with African American migrants who share roots in eastern Kentucky. Throughout her time in the field, she will act as the liason between this African American community and the Southern Historical Collection at UNC Chapel Hill to collect materials relating to their unique history and culture. To date, Karida has travelled across the United States engaging with members of this community and generating momentum and anticipation for the EKAAMP launch. To date, she has conducted oral history interviews with migrants in over 30 cities across the United States, and plans to continue with this work throughout the year.  If you would like to be interviewed and would like to find out when Karida plan to visit your city, please contact her at karida@email.unc.edu